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Originally Posted by born invincible View Post

question - if you are working or using the software in corporate environment, why are you paying out of pocket for it? if you doing work for a company it would seem they fork over the bread for the software....

i know if i was doing anything computer related at the office and my company tried to say i gotta pay for the software, then i just guess work wouldnt be gettin done. how does that work where you at? i am just curious!
I wont be with them after this month, but yea it made me kind of angry the most they did when I first joined the company was front the money which I later paid back over the next 2 months through deduction of my pay check. (start ups have no excess $$$)

Although I was still interning at the time and getting paid which is pretty rare. So I guess the trade off was making a couple grand during my trial period. I also used a student discount @ the time.

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