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BambinoTTT EgWest drunken mastaBambinoTTT EgWest drunken masta

ey yo, razor sharp incision scalpels slice through the mandible region/
cantalope bleedin', end of show and I cancelled ya season/
cannibals feastin' on your pregnant chick's physical fitness/
cancerous disease infected segments of syllable sickness/
treacherous methods' torturous, terminating the weakness/
powerful punches penetrate vertebraes into pieces/
pussy you cowardice, you should concoct it right/
they call you Braindead 'cause you powerless of producin' a thought to life/
so you should peep the wisdom, 'cause two shots rock your equilibrium/
my egoism gittin' higher than an eagle liftin'/
lethal injections wit da needle stickin' feeble victims/
leavin' you twitchin', shittin' all over your fecal writtens/
you need some reconsiderance, fam I'll have your peoples missin'/
...and sleepin' wit da fishes, swimmin' in my eco-system/
you need to listen, I'll sever your head in four/
and leave your 'brain dead', so you can endeavor the metaphor!
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