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Default Re: Gay Wu-Tang stuff

[Chorus: The Genius]

Clan in da front, get ya cock sucked
Niggaz on the left, fuckin men to death
Now hoods on the right, wild for the cock
Punks in the back, c'mon and attract to...

[Verse One:]

My dick is comin thru, the outcome is critical
fittin my penis in ya ass, is sort of like a Miracle
on 34th Street, in the hood of a hot fag named Herald
I gamed steve, the fag caught a Fitz like Gerald --
-- ine Ferraro, who's full of sorrow
Cuz his anus didn't win but reakwons super duper penis might be able to cum by tomorrow
and shine shine shine like gold mine
Here cums the drunk dragged out monk, with a quart of Ballentine
suck the bone, kid suck the bone
Faggots like me should get on a fat one like Indiana Jones, the GZA
One who just represent the Wu-Fag click anti-chick
With the hole and mole, of a mans ass inserted with a dick
Like the fag and his scrotum, who both did bids
Claude went to Cooley High and showed his penis to the kids
so stop, the cum you suck may be your motherfuckin own
I'll fuck your ass with this microphone
Make anal way for the merge of traffic
Wu-Faggots comin thru with fully un protected penis'
God squad that's mad hard to serve
Cum frontin hard, then Bernhard Goetz what he deserves


[Verse Two:]

The response while I lick that ass, "taste like shit!"
please don't let out that gas
hairy balls is somethin the Wu-Fag's crush
Dragged up niggaz on a stage get cock-rushed
I don't give a god damn, on the hoes you did
How many bitches you got, or pussy kid
Cuz I don't like pussy, I like penis, therefore show me which way you go...
My pubic hair sharp as a blade and my strange pointed dick cut you slow
You become so Pat as the size of my boner increases
What's that in your pants? ahhh may I taste ya feces!
Throw your shitty drawers in the hamper
Next time come strapped with a penis thats damper
How ya sound fag? You're better off a jizzer
I'm on the mound homo, and it's a no-pussy hitter
And my DJ the catcher, he's my sexual slave
Anyway he's the fag who took it in the can
He gives the clan aids I give him gay pride parardes with clout
I throw the cock to his anus and I strike em out
So it really doesn't matter on how you intrigue
GZA FUCKS men in the major leagues

[Chorus -- 2X]

fags on the left
jizz in the crack... to what
Niggaz on the left
Hoods on the right
Punks in the back, c'mon... to what
...getcha dick sucked
...fuck men to death
...wild for the cock
(Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu)
(Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu)
(Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu)
Niggaz on the left, masturbate to death
Hoods on the right, gay, but just for the night
Punks in the back, c'mon and attract to
Clan in da front, getcha dick sucked
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