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Default Re: Gay Wu-Tang stuff

I rip it, hardcore like pronoflick bitches
I roll with fruits and ghetto baskets of cum soaked biscuits
Check it, me and Method in the Skydome bangin
Wu-Tang gangbang, suck ya head, PEACE my dick is hangin
Bust this, I'm lickin like Ya Mom, dicks I lust this
The roughness, yes use rudeness, suck this
Big dong, I physically assualt with the tounge
Fuck ya son, meanwhile suck ya cock turn it to a cum gun
I'm hectic, wreck ya asshole with the quickness
Sit on dick, I'm home, and competition gets blown
By this nasty ass nigga, with my nigga, the RZA
Cum till I'm full, dick pull ya balls the trigga
So glad, stabbin up the ass with the bald head, ya fed
I eat ya ass like ya dad, and sing a song

Inspectin Dicks from the Blue-Ball Gang on Cum In Buckets, from their classic album Enter the Blue-Gang: Dirty Dick Bangers.
The year 2002...the battle still with the WU
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