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Originally Posted by Drunken Monk View Post
u are wrong

listen some spanish
after can start a normal conversation
naaaa, i know a lot of spanish rap, and they are, in mayority, boring as fuck

any soutamerican mc eats that cunts with shoes on breakfast

and.... i have a li'l advantage about you: you only know spain's rap... but, yo must consider a lot of rap of this side of the planet: chile, colombia, venezuela, peru, bolivia, and up in the continent there's cuba, dominican republic and the rest of the continent, including mexico (land of sick fucks xD)

off course the puerto rico's mcs are more popular in USA, because this country is intervening the island a lot of years ago

Monk, i think you are a cool guy (no homo) and a nice beatmaker, but, there's a big reality that you dont know.

pd. nach scratch is lame as fuck
No Hablo English!!!! very well XD
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