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Originally Posted by tajeco
Yo man, don't argue with them. froth says everything is "gay". Don't waste your time on them. Keep doin what you do. Is Belfast one of the places England tries to claim, or is it pure green? Are you Irish, or English/Irish?
Im Just Throwin Mental Darts At These Fuckers To Boost My Morale. The Militant Rebel Force Called Of The Physical War Over Here.

Belfast Is The "Center-Point" Of English Colonialism Remaining. Because I Dont Like That I Am A Terrorist.

I Mean Man, You Dont Fuckin Draw A Boarder On An Island 300 Odd Miles Long And 100 Odd Miles Wide.

I Mean It When I Say


But The Protostant Colonists Are Seriously Of The Temprament Of The KKK.

"Most" Protestants Are Basicly Fuck Pats, Fuck Blacks, Lets Lick The Queens Arse Crack.

Hit Me Back But Boost My Mental.

My Peoples....

My Fuckin Peoples....

Where The Fuck Are We @ ????

Its Like 10am, All You Brovaz Are Baked And In Bed.


Ireland Is Complicated.

Yes I Am Irish, Even Though I Live In The Opressed North.
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