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I have no idea what this LEMON WORLD is about....

But any way, this Irish guy came on with a nice rhyme I thought and now the thread is all hostile.

Everyone be nice.

If you want to put lose ends together on a track I have a few...I don't think they are great but yeah..

Loose end that never got finished or any where:

Iím still breathin and Iím not leavin coz I have a reason
No soul is worthless every life has a purpose

I will battle for my crown against armies of devils

As I raise myself up through spiritual levels

Until resting in the shade of swords the prodigal son is at home

Iíll smile as I look back at the bloodshed in my head suffered by me alone

I was squeezed by angels until my heart nearly exploded

To know my soul will exist after the pyramids are eroded
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