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When thoughts emerge, I forge a verse/
Spit flames and scorch the earth/
torch the herds of brains who rhyme the shortest words/
orchestras play the beat as my sword inserts/
into a trench town terrorist who couldn't pose a bombthreat or contest/
to a complex lyricist who stays on the offence with his content/
you couldn't end the show so the season stays open/
I stay on the hunt your blade remains broken, my double barreled rhymes stay smoking/
so stay off the premises, of a patriotic owner known to slay terrorists/
so run rabbit/ coz to me stomping suckers is way past a fun habit/
you bars below average, I'm wicked never rest, you stay napping/
fatal attack, the finish blow your lacking/
as I said I stay like the kraken, ink sprays in your face leave your eyes blackened/
razor sharp cuts, blood pumps out ya stump, for thinking you could come rapping/
with weak misguided metaphors/
you intruded through deaths chamber door, Bambino TTT, Nevermore!
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