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that shit is ridiculous

my only piece of advise is that the youth of today need to calm the fuck down

and stop feeling compelled to fight wars which arent really real

that shit is easier said than done

we all grew up with images of superheros and shit

villains who are out to conquer the world

we get taught that material items are a sign of success

so we go out and get them

and then we got to spend all our time trying to protect them

enough of the 'throw your fist up' shit

secure your food

shut the fuck up

stay in line

plot quietly

do the knowledge

become immortal

and then lets see what your 'enemy' is gonna do to you

everybody that you think is dead is actually hiding 6 feet under the ground and gathering strength for the final fight

man vs devil

and one of the devils tricks is to make man spend time fighting man

get your head out from whats up your ass
your mother's dick
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