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BambinoTTT EgWest drunken mastaBambinoTTT EgWest drunken masta

I'll diminish this herb's fate wit this sinistered wordplay/
incontinous cursed plagues/ git a hideous burnt face if you gittin' in first place/...
I'll spit on your birth place/
jism on your pigeon, and shit in her bird cage/
you can git it the worst way, so consider your fatal error/
a critical reign of terror from the lyrical Che Guevera/
in this digital day and era, I'm right in your pocket book/
you the kraken 'cause you a legendary giant octopuss/
wit your phony fraudulent fables, you flakey and fictitious/ fouler than a fag fornicating wit six midgets/
I split bitches in half, gashes and clit stitches/
straight syllables wit swine flu symptoms, I spit sickness/
stick scissors in ya, insertable in-scription/
a Triple T logo branded through surgical in-cision/
deservable in-fliction, kid you fuckin' wit pain/
step and git you can live up to your name! BRAINDEAD!!!
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