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Originally Posted by Visionz View Post
I find these ennegrams to be a less accurate assesment of who I am than being classified as ENFP personality type.
That link doesn't contain the assesment of your type but rather the discription of how the system works.

You find your type, then find out what your instinctive centre is. Next you find out which "neighboring personality" influences you the most aka your "wing". And that is just the tip of the iceberg. This link shows the asseement of a type 8 and all of its variants(with some other usefull links too):

Visions didn't mean to offend or take over your thread, just wanted to contribute. The Myer's Briggs system definately has it's merrits and is a pretty accurate starting point. The only issue I have is that it catergorizes the world into 16 personalities where enneagrams with all the variations have at least 54. But no one can tell you who you are so if ENFP works for you that's cool.
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