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BambinoTTT EgWest drunken mastaBambinoTTT EgWest drunken masta

ey yo, torture chamber melodies, leavin' ya massacred/
you'll be forced to change identities and flee to Alaska/
thought you were violent?, git sodomized and slaughtered for tryin'/
then I'll weld your Metalfist to your clit wit da soldering iron/
assault ya for lyin', the shit'll feel like CroCop laced you/
then watch Bino git the needle and feed you botox facials/
you'll git stabbed and shanked hostile for a bag of plain nachos/
shotty to your nose... leave you wit 'em Shabba Ranks nostrils/
so if you searching for a victory then keep on browsin'/
'fore I melt your fist to liquid metal... T-1000!!!
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