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^I'm pretty sure that's how it is.

Everything is in constant flux. There are infinite universes which are infinitely similar or infinitely different. Each one has a starting point and ending point. We're somewhere in the middle, and its so vast we really can't understand it as more then numbers and pictures.

This universe started as a super atom which was held together with a unified force of gravity, electromagnetism, and the two nuclear bonds. Unified they were enough to hold together such a massively dense particle but gravity wigged out and separated which tore the universe into being. That's why gravity is an inherent part of the material of the universe.

Anyhow, now our universe is expanding at FTL and won't stop until it overwhelms itself and dissipates into nothing. But its so massive this will be billions of years from now. So if there was a universal force in our universe that is godlike it would have it's own greater beings it views as Gods or cannot understand ad infinity.

Just as our understanding of our universe is limited by our maximum lifespan of a century give or take, our god is limited to understanding what is an infinite universe by his own lifespan of the universe which is very long, but limited.

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