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loved the devil's rejects, really i did, but house of 1000 corpses i thought was better.

i've always likened those movies to somewhat of a kill bill mentality. the second is only as amazing as it is because of the first. the first introduced the characters, the second furthered the characters. i think what makes devils rejects so great is the believablity of it all, especially otis, who, without house of 1000 corpses, would just seem like another crazy redneck. but zombie built those people up so well in the first movie that you are already familiar with them and therefore he was able to just jump right in and give you the craziness. so with that those movies kind of go together, also like with kill bill, they are completely different movies, kill bill 1 being a kung fu flick and kill bill 2 being a western, just like house was a horror movie and devil's is like a horror/western/gore film.
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