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I'm sick with the spittle, spit flames disfigure and cripple/
belittle your rhymes, flow cancer weed smoke is leaving ya brittle/
so stoned you think your David beleiving ya chizzled/
yh I already fucking lost ya, you can't be conceiving my riddles/
for acting fickle emcees get to feeling my sickle/
slitting incisions flipping and disecting these malicious scripts/
aint an actor like you I direct and invision it/
you probably hearing but far from listening/
8 bars, point of no return, in Bambino terms, middle bit/
I spit on the villian shit, keep on killin it/
flipping verbal weedkiller kill a fiend hippies and herbal teaspiller/
clumsy with your shots like monkeys squeezing slippy triggers/
im ripping scripts painting sickening pictures/
inflicting major pain to emcees in heated fixures/
get fam to supply a beat like pacemakers/
get off my face on liquer get the feel for that beef taste erase wasters/
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