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BambinoTTT EgWest drunken mastaBambinoTTT EgWest drunken masta
Default my bad for the little wait, here it goes though.....

consider this a glorious death, you bout to take a L/
you scared to brake a nail, you're frale and you'll git raped in jail/
you ain't a gangsta, you an amish jew compared to me/
...your songs'll make Weird Al respond and do a parody/
for posting you'll get left wit a severed carrodid artery/
tsunami tidal spittin, you never can flow as hard as me/
rapping's for the real, you should stop 'cause you fake/
I'll punch you in the eyes until you see the block in opaque/
make you twitch from a jab, you'll git dropped wit a straight/
you either bitch or a fag, how many cocks can you take?/

wrote this in less than 5 minutes, HOLLA!
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