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Originally Posted by benzo View Post
^^well yeah, that's what B-hop says. i remember him saying a few times though that he'd fight the winner of Dawson/Johnson to prove that he is, in fact, the best light heavy out there. i know he's been wanting the rjj fight but why the hell did he fight that unknown dude Orneleas or w/e his name was at this point in his career? B-hop ain't been the same since the DLH fight.
well yeah since he was reaching the end of his physical 160 lb peak.
so ok he lost to jermain taylor, both were controversial but B-hop still had juice left in him.Destroyed Tarver. He beat winky wright ( taylor managed a draw). Beat calzaghe (its an illusion to think that calzaghe won, if JC won then boxing needs to die and everybody should watch MMA. HE MADE LOVE TO PAVLIK while pavlik was at his prime, nobody thought B-hop could win that fight but he wu-massacred kelly.
So by now bhop can happily retire rich and a ATG HOF, but decides to stick around just to fight some more ( YOU SHOULD APPRECIATE THAT). Ok ornelas isnt a big opponent but he was a warm up fight, and the match was interesting. Sets up a roy jones grudge match, and B-hop deserves this fight, look at bernards resume and age, in years time people will remember bernard as the longest reigning MW title holder with wins against trinidad, johnson, joppy, tarver, DLH, wright, pavlik, and rjj in the future

where does CHAD DAWSON fit in? bernard doesnt need dawson, how much money will that fight make? I already know what will happen anyway (dawson wins SD by being more active) if i was bernard il fuck that. il fight RJJ and do my best to set up a HW fight against adamek or haye. Yes bernard did run his mouth about wanting to fight chad but bernard hopkins is black and from the hood so it fits
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