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Originally Posted by Kingkazim View Post
alot of skill, and i like his confidence. Hopefully he remains consistent
the best british boxer at the moment is Kevin Mitchell IMO, he reminds me of how legends became legends, by fighting everybody and winning
Personally, I can see Mitchell coming unstuck against better fighters. Granted, he's improved a lot since these last couple of years (he was lucky not to get knocked out in a few of his other fights because his defence fucking sucked), but when he starts stepping up against the likes of Guerro, Martinez, Valero, Marquez, and possibly even Katsidis, I can see him getting exposed. The two British fighters I'm most impressed with, who aren't currently world champions, are Kell Brook and Martin Lindsay.

Originally Posted by angry! View Post
LOL @ niggas criticizing hopkins.. that nigga busted pavlik the fuck up as an old man!!!! he has the right to pick and choose fights at this stage in his career... b-hop fought the best and his career exceeded just about everyones expectations!!!!!!!!!!! if he wants to pick rjj apart for a decent pay day and exact some revenge at the end of the road, im all for it!!!!!!!!!!
Cosign. Nobody has any right to criticse Hopkins whatsoever. I don't even need to sit here and defend his legacy because motherfuckers should already know, plus he's 45 and he's still taking people apart, such as Pavlik and Calzaghe (fucking fraud). At the end of the day, B-Hop has a lot of pride and he can't properly rest until he's taken care of business which is, of course, paying Roy Jones back for beating him in '93.

Anybody watching the Chambers-Klitschko fight tonight? I'm rooting for Chambers as he's one of my favourite fighters but it's gonna be a mammoth task for him.
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