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Originally Posted by angry! View Post
tommy your sig is fuckin gangsta homie!!!!!!!

that was one of the most satisfying fights ever.. watching shane bludgeon that mexican cheat with loaded hands!!!!!!!! sweet justice!!!!!!!

klitschko vs chambers... im with you, i hope chambers can steal it!!! klitschko bros. more entertaining outside of the ring!!!!!!!! big ups to klitschko for bangin that lil honey from heroes, thats grade A white meat!!!!!!!!!!!

tommy, whats your take on mosley vs floyd? you think my nigga shane got a shot?!?!!?!
Thanks, my man.

Yeah, I know what you mean, angry. Thing is though, at the time I actually really liked Margarito as a fighter because it was obvious he had worked hard to get where he was, especially with everyone around his weight class avoiding him. To me, he was one of those rugged, hungry Mexican warriors that was great for the sport of boxing, and although he destroyed one of my favourite ever fighters right in front of me whilst I was nearly crying (sounds gay I know) with thousands of crazy Mexicans around me going wild, I still liked and respected him.

However, after I found out he'd been loading his gloves (post-Mosley fight), all my respect for him just depleted to the point where I fucking hated his sorry ass. I must've watched the Mosley-Margarito fight like five times since then, awesome stuff.

Yeah, the Klitschko's have been in some dull as hell fights, but I have to respect them for fighting and beating the best and conducting themselves in a really professional way whilst still making stupid money. People can say what they will against these Ukranian brothers, but they're good for boxing.

Mosley has a shot going into any fight, he's just that good; it'd be dangerous betting against him even if he fought a cruiserweight. Personally, though, I can see Floyd taking a points victory but it ain't gonna be easy for him one bit, in fact, it's probably gonna be Money's hardest fight yet. Fights like this are great for boxing but hard for a guy like me who loves both fighters equally, it still ain't gonna stop me from jetting to Vegas to see it though, lol.

You reckon Sugar can pull it off?
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