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Trumpets Cease As Fates Are Erased Deceased To Where They Belong
Feelings So Strong Feelings Known All Along
Heavens Gates Guarded With Welcoming Arms
Childish Fears Still Alarm The Ears
Truth Tears Away The Despair
Black Holes Of Hope
Cleaned With Magical Soap
Or Revived By Heroin Dope
Making It Hard To Tread Over The Moat
The Castle Awaits The Appointed Ones
Present Reality Aligns With Trumpets Signs
Treasures Find Systemic Surprise
As Replicas Attain Compromise
A Promise Of Forever Remembered
To The Lover Who Deserves
And To The Lover Who Has Hurt
Four Corners In Position
A Lifetime To Arrive
Forever Remains To Strive
Can Our Spirits Wake Alive
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