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The planet's align, wolf man is morphing into me
howling to the moon with a swarm of killa bees
barbwired veins, brain matter inside of a cage
make rappers cry from the pain, face splattered, dying in shame
Florida's secret, i engorge a feast with forty heathens
adoring demons, from the morning evening, i'm raising war with vegans
they don't want a course of beefin, but i insist, the silent sin
ain't retiring, i'm riflin' my enemies from a sniper's nest
the rhyme progressed, i'm the best, i feel like no other can climb the steps
so i keep their mind in check, license them like it's a driver's test
their methods of winnin'? depressing from a veteran's vision
a second opinion's as useless as affectionate bitches
stretching the limits with venomous lyrics, enemies lifted
you never will git it like jessica simpson's attempts at addition
You're a waste of human skin, grenades? i pull the pin
you'd be the shit, if there's a game where mainly losers win
You're the bitch that they have to defend
a few cats shoot me, i shoot back like a chiropractor's revenge
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