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Default Re: "Sicka vs OG Kane" 'tournament'

Sickas flow was a continuously on point
These are the lines that I thought was hot from Sicka:

OG can stand on my feet an walk with me while he licks my balls.../
kids from japan man,...asians aint tall at all.../
OG's prolly retreatin, another fuckin "no sho".../
if he does dicide to arrive he's gettin mangled" fo sho bro"...
he thinks he's evolved but we all know he's just found a better site to bite flows.../
ok,...nuff of that,...OG cant rap worth crap.../
fuckin punk...I booted this lil ninja halfway across the map so take that.../
OG's intro was off but he got better
These are OG Kanes Hot Lines:
better be cautious as snipers
look how small ya pipe is, cuz now thatís how long ya life is
your raps are smaller than mice, itís, complex but mindless
Iím morbid and righteous, bombing the science, stomping on giants
Iím that fuckin head chopper, your bitches bed rocker
watch ma sledge knock ya head off ya neck.. Ďídoctor!íí
smash ya ribcage till my fist breaks.. fuckin stupid rappers
you bitch-made, Iíll displace his face with a switchblade
dude thinking
im crib-age,

Tough to say but I have to go with OG based on the last quote


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