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Default Re: halo series????

omg.. halo 1 was the jumpoff.. we played that for like 12 hours at a time (blood gulch with snipers only)

i was one of those fools who waited in line for halo 2

when i got it.. it was the biggest disappointyment for a game imo OF ALL TIME

the xbox live matchmaking system was the worst ive ever seec
the weapons were all changed for the worse
the maps were cramped and crowded
the sound effects were changed for no apparent reason
the game was boring

i guess since halo 1 came out in 2001.. during 2002-2004 i spent all my time playing rainbox 6, ghost recon, etc.. so when halo 2 was copped it felt like a step back instead of forward.. i returned it to eb games the very next day

now im playing ghost recon 2 summit strike,, hot shit!

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