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Default Re: Capcom vs SNK / Street Fighter Appreciation

i was just in an arcade last weekend in jersey..(havent been in an arcade in like 5 or 6 years).. they happened to have capcom vs SNk and there happened to be a couple of scrubs playin it.. my eyes lit up! i havent had real live competetion since 1999.. (ever since then its been online only)

i domnated of course without question evens coring a few perfects.. see what i think it is is that there are old school 2d players (like me) and the new school 2d players

the old school 2d players grew up playing street fighter 2 heavily, and then branched out to fatul fury, sam showdown, etc etc) so i have like 15 years experience playing these games and the basically same 2d engine

the new school players grew up on tekken 1 and then learned how to play guilty gear and some other 2d games and dont have the basic "2nd nature" that the old school players have

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