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MosHigh crouching tiger

Sun Tzu with the flu i hachu crews and eagle view as they limbs flew
GI Joe Gung Ho lungs blow professionals into decimals never stressin' who
like Ja I rule turn minds into vegetables tea kettle whistle signal game over
time for dismissal melt flesh to the gristle pick my teeth with a sickle
flow trickle down the aqueduct that i construct open wide as i come inside
and fill you up above the rim i be Him slim swim with the seraphim
Sierra Leon gem indestructible cut into the greed of women and men make them bleed within
and spill out they mouth reroute their spirit no uplift but just drift around the globe
poppin' up on urban legends told sword style unfolds pricks and probes ya frontal lobe
caligraphy be the epitome of what my enemies envy pity any city
sodomized minds rifle the trifflin' children of sin who lend their souls to d'evils
that leave fools lost in an upheavel battle they can't win...
"Fuck fame... I'll shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim." - Masta Killah (One Blood)

"Kiss the pyramid...experiment wit high explosives. I slap box wit Jesus....lick shots at Joseph." - GFK (Daytona 500)
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