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MosHigh crouching tiger

chisel riddles like the bible turning you modern day slaves into disciples
archrivals i stifle when i drop harder then change off the eiffel
deep throat the rifle mature content got ya bent
time spent trying to reinvent the sequence of my events
immense pleasure i spit on your buried treasure my own measures i keep
reek of herbal tea and afghanie weed handle with ease an ounce or qp
laid back like Snoopy talk slow like Droopy bang hoes til their loopy
then press play to record the movie old school shoes be shell toe
make hell snow i'm so cold arms fold b-boy hard times told
when hard rhymes unload the most watched the beautiful and bold
my guiding light is the longest running hip hopera pay attention and you're sold...
"Fuck fame... I'll shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim." - Masta Killah (One Blood)

"Kiss the pyramid...experiment wit high explosives. I slap box wit Jesus....lick shots at Joseph." - GFK (Daytona 500)
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