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Originally Posted by Hellspawn View Post

You can have a clear idea of what islam is if you try to open a Quran and read a few pages. This is the source, after that everybody can make its own saucage and say islam said this and islam said that.
I don`t want to seem like im beating a dead horse, but has not the wahabi`s, the alqaeda`s, the taliban, koranic scholars and the regular practicing muslim all read the same quran ??? So therefore they all have access to the same text....So the wahabi`s, the alqaeda`s, the taliban scholars and the regular muslim know what the quran says about how to live like a true muslim, I right ????

the point Im trying to make is.... all claim without a doubt to be doing exactly what the koran says to do...... So one of them must be practicing proper or close to proper islam, as perscribed in the quran, I just want to know which one....I find it hard to believe with all the scholars and islamic intellectuals who have spent years studying the quran and hadiths, and gave the wahabi`s, alqaeda or the taliban there ideology still couldn`t manage with all there years of research to work out how to follow what the quran says properly and therefore practice true islam....... ,but yet according to you the average joe blow who reads the quran can be practicing true islam and get the point of the message but yet the scholars or spiritual leaders who give the islamists movements or islamic governments there ideology miss the point and practice a deviiant version of islam ?????

peace be with you !

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