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Originally Posted by Hellspawn View Post
Don't the the KKK, the Army of God, the crusaders, the zionists read the same Bible ? this is a problem of understanding of the scripture every body analyse it the way he wants (I think I typed this sentence 3000 times ).

So what you are saying hell is , there is no such thing as pure islam, because it all comes down to ones interpretation of scipture ???? even if this is the case there still must be some universal truths with in the koran truths that cannot be mis- interpreted in any way to mean anything other than what it says ???? With that said you still haven`t really given me a definant answer about who is practicing the closet to a pure version of islam (the universal truths) which is universally recognised by other muslims as being or some what being the closest form of correct islam, the islamist`s, the islamic governments or the everyday practicing muslims...because from my point of view these are the only muslims there are...unless there is another group that im not aware of ?????

Originally Posted by Hellspawn View Post
Do you have any idea of the proportion of the islamists compared to the 1.5 billion muslims in the world ? if we were all fanatis we would have colonised the world since my parents birth.
Yes you may not be all fanatical, but that just might mean the majority of muslims are not practicing islam as prescribed in the koran....and if they where then there might be 1.5 billion bin laden`s out there????

See this is why im trying to understand what real islam I can know who is practicing it proper and who is not, then I can get a clear picture of the religion.

peace be with you !
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