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I don't know why marriage is considered so hard. I'm way too young right now for it of course, but in my opinion marriage isn't the failure, it's the people who get into it.

Like I know for a fact right now that if I find someone worthy of marriage at some point that's game over. I'd never seek a divorce, I don't think I'd cheat, and I'd work damn hard to please her. The only way I could foresee a marriage falling apart is on the girl.

I think marriage should be mid twenties to early thirties. Men generally reach maturity in their mid twenties and by thirty they're ready to give up the woman to woman lifestyle. By that point it's not just about marrying for "love" and a pretty face. You're old enough for look for a life partner.

Divorce is an opt out. You can go broke and then make your money back. You can't get your life back. I believe in love, but I don't think a lot of young people understand what love is. You don't love that hot girl who has things in common with you. That's a friend. Marriage is on the permanence of actual family. You can't divorce your brother. You can try, but avoiding them doesn't undo the fact they're your blood.

I think marriage should be something you don't quit on. I also think marriage should be a final step in a long road. You got married at 16 when you only live to 30-40. Now we live to 80 and people are getting married at 20 or younger. That's too young. Double the lifespan double the point of marriage. Then have your ideal 1-3 kids (I think more then 5 is foolish because you can't parent them.) But I also think people need to be open to any and all relationships, even if marriage is the highest form of relationship.
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