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Default Re: dreams and death

i think that the soul is a little molecuel hidden in our brain extreamly well, its only common sence, because that we come from a lil itty bitty sperm, so that molecuel is always there, im sure some poeple know, and when we die, somehow that molecuel opens up to create a new life for yourslef, i fu chose too, its your free will, or it could be like a seed, waiting till adventually travles somewhere, becomse a part of somthing, and grows, and if on earth, u know u can be human again, i think once u experienced what u experienced, it always stays with you, but what u did wrong and right, determining how u treated your soul, would follow up on teh growing stage and becoming wiser andmore universal,...but these are my thoughts i share...because i thought about wheniw as a can there just not be a god....yes theres one...that the only answer i can come up with, and hes always with you as long as u think so, he loves you very much, but your soul has to be pure and strong to even try to conceptt or even understand and inhold the knowledge of what he knows, and yes i love him very much, my plan is to be great, not the best, but GREAT, nothing can be greatness....not even the best.....

but so farin our growing state....we're stll just growing..its really nothing, when u's natural to be scared, but once u look at it...once ur dead, you wont care for non of your problems this world creates for you to try to overcome.....

and yes there are dead spirits who wish ( i can be wrong, they can be help againts there own by GODs word) to stay, and tyr to make living hell and try to make shit better, but they're dead, it dont matter, as long as they dont fuck with me, then shits gonna get rumbling..i'll scared the living shit out of that

but yeh man..thats what i think
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