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Originally Posted by Jasjit View Post
He was a great teacher and i believe a lot of what he truly was was changed by constantine, for example his birthday isnt really december 25th as debated about by many people, that was really the birth of saturn i think it was the greek god, and i guess it was easy for them to change it to dec 25th and make that his birth as well, whether jesus was real or not his teachings will always be remember, i believe he was real and not a white man, more of an olive man like arabs or indians or possible a black man. Anyways i am not a christian muslim or jew but i believe in jesus and his teachings, he was a very enlightened man and i sincerely believe he was not god, possibly he was sent by god but not actually god in the form of man.

and ghostlaced all those dieties are sun dieties, jesus has been morphed into a sun diety but originally was not one, and he was originally saturday worhsip, thats the day of the sabbath but it was changed to sunday as christianity went along, possibly it happened at the council of nicea, where they established a lot of the facts about him, birth place, birtdhay all that stuff.

yea their is evidence of prophey issah as the asians call him of visitting india and tibet, their are things that are similar to buddhist teachings in the bible, and i dont no if these cultures had contact at the time unless jesus really did visit, he had death threats in india for teaching about god to the poor which the hindus thought was wrong and then he left, i believe he went to egypt as well and got wisdom their too, a man from morocco who made pilgramages on foot to india was told he was the greatest traveller ever, and on his death bed he proclaimed no it was the prophet issah, a lot of jesus' life gets obscured, like when he ses i am the path to god, originally it was i amm a path to god, but the vatican wanted more converters and made him the only path, and originally in the biible it was reincarnation after death, this was changed too heaven rite after death to bring in more conversions.
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