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Default Re: what wucorp member or members do u wanna meet in person and why?

Grave - To get high with and him tell me some of them funky storie's and shit
Tuco - To get high with and play some halo and talk smack and kick a rhyme with
Sicka - To get high with..... period
QOP - To chill with, see what she's like in person
Skale - Bring to the bar, get wasted and kick some rhyme's, hell yeah
Fraz - Get high and do some arnie impersanation's, hell yeeda yeah (BENNNNNIE, SCREEEEEEEEEEW YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!
Butter - Kick a spit and slice some shit, just for the fuck of it
Big Ben - Listen to some street stories, know you got alot
Callabah - Listen to his ass on how he'll kill you, and take you're girl type shit
Mark Mayo - Never met a dutch person.... haha
uhhh, who's that making a knowledge book?, is that timb's?, fuck it, whoever it is, you open my mind to another level, peace
uhhh, who am I forgetting?.... 7L49, Guy is real down to earth.
BBM - Get him into some of the infamous 2:00am closing time special knuckle rukus shit
37 Chambers aka Mike - Congrat's on your baby dude, peace
P.L.O Style and SunTIz whoever the fuck he is, not important, I would love to meet these kid's in life and show them what respect is. Cocky behind a glass screen bitch
OnlyBuilt4PuertoRicanLinx - guy is funny, I like reading the shit he get's himself into
Razor Ron - Hell yeah, we could kick some rhyme's (yeah I said it) and drink some orange juice, extra pulp homie.
forgot Jeru, he cool as shit, peace.

uhh whoever I forgot you know I would chill with, ya'll cool with me, like to meet all of you. peace

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