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Murder in the Verse Degree, Churches turnin' Burgundy
Curses from the Worst regime, Servant to the serpentine
Curtains Close, when it takes a hint that you'll perform
This is Grown man B.I. and you still ain't fully born
Schoolin' groups, despite the hasty attitude they show off
I react by turning all their little avenues to cole slaw
You couldn't reach the magnitude of lattitudes i dove off
counting sheep when sound asleep, were you rapping? shit i dozed off
My motives for this notice is to silence those that Gotta Hate
Explosive, any Dosage of my vile flows will Clog ur veins
Spokenn is the poet, on this violent road you're Not awake
You don't Want my Tank and your Bike to go Consolidate

NW: Triumphant
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