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Default Re: dreams and death

Dreams are just the visual/mental manifestation of subconscious desires. My dreams, for example (when I remember them) generally involve points of conflict in my life.

As for life, I think that reality as we see it is terribly limited. There's so much more to existence/non-existence that I don't even bother to sort out the smaller details of life. I guess we'll find out what happens when we die. Or not. Just remember, your body is the product of countless molecules and nuclei... what's not to say that we aren't the same, and that we are merely the molecules of a higher plane of existence? The universe, time, up, down, forward, back.. it all stretches to infinity, so it's also possible (hell, it's likely) that we're infinite in ourselves.

If you don't necessarily understand, it's cool. I don't understand it myself, but it's my answer and it feels right to me.
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