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Default ffffff

you know....eye had heard
rumors that KRS ate junk food
and dead animals long before this
particular video came out

and to my knowledge this video is the first
time KRS ever admitted that he does eat
junk food and dead animals

this is the first time he admitted it

and eye don't think its any coincidence
that he finally admits this
after he published this great great
mammoth of a book(over 800 pages!!!!)........

because in the least ONCE
he promotes the eating of fish...
eye think its in the freestyle section

om still gonna ride with KRS though....
because eye think its a better
"religious" book than the Quran
or Bible

after all he's done for me and now that
he's published this book eye really
can't say shit to judge him

its defineatly curing me of my diet zealotry

anyways....eye read it quickly at the barnes and

now om almost finished reading it in a slower manner

soon eye will post up some quotes from the
book that stood out

stay tuned
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