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It's not traditional reggae by a long shot, nor even your average dancehall, but I love The Bug's work

Pressure is a bit more dancehall, but with some seriously ragged and electronic beats. Some very energetic and intense ragga tracks with Daddy Freddy, Toastie Taylor, Rootsman & He-Man, and Wayne Lonesome, and some slow atmospheric dub tracks with Roger Robinson's dub poetry and Paul St. Hilaire (Tikiman)'s singing.

However the real masterpiece is London Zoo:

Obviously it's much more influenced by the grime and dubstep scenes (mainly the tracks with Killa P, Flowdan, and Warrior Queen), but it really emphasizes the dancehall/ragga roots of those genres while still keeping the aggressive fast-paced drums & ragga chants of grime and the subwoofer pummeling bass drops of dubstep. Also a few more traditional dancehall toasts and reggae crooning (the songs with Tippa Irie, Ricky Ranking and Roger Robinson) over dark riddims. I'm sure more than a few of you already know about this album since it got rave reviews and I'm sure even more of you are already familiar with "Skeng" and "Poison Dart," so I'll spare you that.

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