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Default Re: Thoughts on the Confederate flag?

the swastika symbol means the sun, and has been used in a lot of places before hitler fucked up it's meaning.

But for the most part the confederate flag is more southern pride than "I hate black people". hell it was made because of the south trying to seperate from the north because of tariffs, not because of slavery. realistically slavery wasn't even a main reason we were fighting that war, hell abe lincolin gave black people equal rights just so he could piss off powerful southerners not because it was the moral thing to do. If abe lincolin really did care about slaves having equal rights he would've allowed them into the millitary earlier on which he was even judged on by benjiman wade.

Now I'm not saying that southerners didn't hate black people, they did, but I'm saying that's not the reason the flag was invented. hell that flag only became racist untill after the south lost the war when all the white people blamed black people for the south losing. basically so many southern work forces relied on slaves that when slavery was abolished alot of southerners lost money cause they couldn't run a buissness, so naturally they blamed this all on black people which led directly into the south becoming extremely racist.

but hey if you aren't racist and you rock the flag because of southern pride that's fine by me. if you are racist though and rock it I'll treat you just like any other racist I know and hope you live a sad and lonely life.
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