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slaying on the mic and i be playin with the hype
illiterate mother fuckers need to learn how to type
i leap off the page with vivid verses that shake the everglades
you say your good but im better wait, desheveled fakes have less at stake
intercontinental center brain lobe off the mental
i go off the handle, weak mcs get put out like a candle
soon to be in shambles and shackles, ready for battle
like that rattle in the grass, sneak up on ya real fast
after 1 old e you probablly ready to pass
out black out last hope put your neck in a rope,
up by the rafters wont have to clean up after
break shit like glass solid shimmerin
when will you just stop bickerin, buddy boy
think your hard playin with crummy toys in ya yard
attack with poison darts cause i got poise in my heart
but you annoy like a lark, vicious intentions of a shark
bent and in the dark, post mortem wishes
begin to start to burn traces while firm remarks leave you faceless so rate this..
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