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The Fluid Druid grasshopper

brutal instinct fueled i light my barbed wire on fire
i step harder to the mic dont call me king, no call me sire
verbal vanquisher i hurt you
and my angles will straight serve you
cause i only spit virtue, cant catch the curve your just see thru
faulty fumbling mcs just babbling overseas
beyond the atmosphere im high up, you cant get a glimpse of me
i puncture pages with syringe rages and knife rats in cages
disregard anything negative comments make you quiver quick
strong arm get you a bent lip not a bentley, dispose of your body gently
must have killed more than 100 of your men, now authorities sent for me
wild western bullets to your chest firm, gashes make your family squirm
lashes on the worst of terms, burning any traces of concern
soon to be my next victim crucified in an earn
Hungry for blood lustfull for love intrusted and smothered
huddled and flustered, consumed by the darkest of the heartless
sparked sick interest driven better than the dead and the living
pre meditated destruction of the building, manifested atomic children
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