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Default Re: Buzz Aldrin and Neil armstrong Warned off the Moon

I believe that Un/identified (by present day mainstream) Objects do exist.

Thats not whats in question. Whats in question is the identity of said objects.

We can know these things on a large scale but won't accept it due to our conditioning from movies and other propaganda. We're de-seniatized to violence and homosexuality through cartoons like The Road Runner and Bugs Bunny

Bullshit. First of all, you mean "desensitized". Second, thats not the case. Pull up ogrish and a gay porn site in public and see how thrilled people get. Yeh, they just love gore and butt sex.

we're de-sensitized to aliens by cartoons like Voltron and movies like Space Balls.

Right. I'm sure we'd all be so blahze if fucking Voltron trotted down the street.

So when we see something that may be real we excuse it due to the propaganda we take in.

Or by real life. Think about it. It gets dark outside. You see some bullshit in the shadows. Now, it COULD be an alien. Or some trash. 10/10 times, its been trash. So what is it this time? Hmm, trash. So you apply the same thing to shit you see in the skies.

I believe in the unexplained because we're controlled by it (our soul). So yes I do believe, but I can't explain it to the average Joe due to the large portions of propaganda he takes in and is thrown off by.

Or he may not be able to explain it simply because he's 100% unqualified to judge meterological phenomena.
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