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MosHigh crouching tiger

you better cop a plea fucking with me
i be judge, jury, and executioner pushin' ya to ya moment of clarity
disparity is rarely overcome especially when i'm Second II None
i'm no puppet like HI-C never been to the CPT but most wanted MC
fools get Eiht without the G a Boy n the Hood i was meant to be
but now a Menace to Society Ol' Dog willin' to cock n squeeze
Bitch Please my Xhibit be Moving at the Speed of Life
unlaced chucks feel nice when i kick up dust with Spice
1 on three It's Going Down Tonight like Celly Cel
40 water i gargle before i start the West Coast Production
with JJ Fad waiting at the hotel...
"Fuck fame... I'll shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim." - Masta Killah (One Blood)

"Kiss the pyramid...experiment wit high explosives. I slap box wit Jesus....lick shots at Joseph." - GFK (Daytona 500)

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