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thatKid shaolin monk

ayo, check it I be living on greens like I sold out
I ain't hittin the brakes when you roll out
got so many rhymes I be thinking multi's
trust me I'ma get burning kids saying I'm lucky
but yo, this be the fifth line like I blow lil cocaine
guessing I'll get weak as I go and flow be insane
rocking the mic like I wreck shit like kicked weed
and yo, I'm gettin violent please lord forgive me
I be painting money, this rap shit like an art to me
now watch me start shit cuz I be born too lead
cuz I'm too cloud nine like how the air up there
now I'll pound minds, and my army every where
no running as I cut shit up as I get stupid
and I be hittin you like I just don't miss
swing with the force of a hammer cuttin yall wrists
snap like when I zone from the norm beyond most
The, U. NY Knicks. NY Jets. NY Mets. > Ur teams = The Truth
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