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Default closing on yacub's head

...7.11.10 in-sync with 9.11.10
'cause sept. is the 7th month shift to 9th, two months added in
so I read, the doctor's son yacub's born day today
the system done put everything in-play
I cannot tell if cats is listening 'cause they afraid to wave
ripple effect shown how I paved the way
now I heard from two jersey natives' mouths phila.'s being pitched to them
as the "safe" city?...shiii, the safe's where the bodies hidden
what they know about f. block mafia being picked off
by joab under my name, shiii, how I'm really pissed off
joab being yacub, the real dude, born in north philly
I ain't saying too much, ain't saying enough, boy it's...fishy much as a decade ago, I ain't paid enough, so
as far as any attention, so, too late's when I show?
shiii, y'all best to say you seen me live since '7-1
I'm closing on yacub's head, so naw's nowhere to run...
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