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Default Re: Thoughts on the Confederate flag?

A flags history : (origin, & creation/r), are more important than the material it's printed on.. If you gonna rep' something, you should educate yourself on what/who/where/how you are reppin' it, including what angle, which way, how high that it is portrayed in many cases.. Some flags change with time, so it is also worth looking at any alterations made, & which flag of whatever time that you rep..
A flag is deep to many people, whereas some people will just fly anything anywhere, without knowing what impression it may paint for anyone else..
''.......Unknowingly imprisoned, in uniforms crafted precision, 1 dub Gov' for short, master planned in covert courts, project poor, prepare for wipeout, ironically wiped out & carked in cauc white outs, the fights out, Phoenix flames to pour the light out, the sun will eventually burn out, A giant urn, with pearled gates, waiting to break, How long can it take? Our destruction is fate.......''
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