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as promised.....

"WAKE UP HIPHOPPA! GOD is the very event that caused you to go astray in the beginning. It is GOD who has been teaching you from before you were even born, preparing you with the events of your very life for the ministry you are now qualified to promote. For only wisdom and real life experiences possess the authority to correctly teach others. The greatest of all sins is to believe that you actually have the power to sin, that somehow there is you and GOD. WAKE UP HIPHOPPA! GOD is a thousand times more devious than you can ever be. In fact, it is those who, because of fear and/or pride, never come to GOD for corrections, who continue to judge themselves when GOD is not even judging them. It is they who suffer the most in prolonged immaturity and ignorance. And even this is GOD's doing"

"The Love in your heart will want to unite with those who suffer and are in need. But please remember that everyone is where they are because of who they are. To truly save a person from their own illusions and hardships it is not you that must unite with them, it is they who must unite with you! You uniting with the ignorant and the immature will only lead to your own suffering"

"As spirit/human beings, the universe is seeing what it is capable of as us! To know that you are not in the universe but that you are the universe itself, is self-awareness. To know that you are an idea, a possibility, a hope, a try-out in GOD's mind, this is self-awareness. To know that GOD is depending on you to fullfill the purpose designed for you is self-awareness."

"Having realized this, I realized that this movement cannot rely upon people. It cannot rest upon the trust of people. People are fickle. One minute they’re in, one minute they’re out. Most of the people on the record were there—they were there for their hearts, no doubt, but they did expect KRS to go ahead and lead the movement. And KRS never intended that or intended for that, so it kind of just waned. And one thing I’ll say is that I learned over twenty years the difference between being an artist and being an activist, and they are two different things. The people who shout positivity on records, they’ve got the red, black and green going, the dreadlocks, their women have the head-wrap with the long skirt and the backpack and it’s all black and we’re doing it and it’s all thug. And what I learned is really, honestly, I get more support from thugs, pimps, hoes, hustlers before I get the support of the so-called conscious, hip hop community or conscious urban community, neo-soul, whatever it’s called."
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