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I've listened to this album for a week and well... I have mixed feelings...While songs like "No Game around here", "Testimony", "You must be dreaming", "Headline", "Flight of the Killer Bees", "Transporting" and "Get it Started" are tight in my opinion, the rest of the album is either weak ("Action" & "Dirts the Boogie"), weird ("Into You"), suffers from a wack hook ("Roll with the killer bees") or sounds like left over stuff either thrown together ("M.E.F." & "Assed Out") or just out dated ("Faced Down & "Smooth Sailing")...and Boy Jones is GOD awful...on the Afro Samurai he just plain sucked, and I thought he couldn't do any worse, until I heard "Dirts the Boogie"...I have to say, I never thought I'd hear a Wu Tang Killa Bee that was wacker than Islord...I satnd corrected
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