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"the Temple of Hip Hop suggests seeking the personality of your God first so that all other material possesions can be picked up along the way in peace. If you are serious about aquiring money, seek GOD. For with God(or rather in the charecter of GOD) you shall always have enough money.
However the Temple of Hip Hop further advises its members to seek ways to live with little or no money at all. Different from living in poverty, live a simple life. Learn to live according to your means. Extravagence and exessiveness lead to stress and worry.
True wealth is not based upon how much one has; true wealth is based on how much one can do without. It is not just about one possesses, it is more about what one can let go of. For when one is content with ones self, no material loss can overwhelm such a person-self is the ultimate value."
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