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Hope i get a battle any yoohoos know they wanna a ramble
off at the mouth off the dome and i split em like atoms
80's flow thats heavier than your chickas period period
h1n1 sick slop thats serious im just a prince talkin to king shit
to king excrement your lyrics i use to experiment you delerius
1st of all your thought matter is cake batter full of imaterial
real lyrics is like drugs to your indiviual you bout as solid as ice
while i spit molten to defrost you big words aint sh*t
just heirglypic compared to your lines my rhyme to explicit
make a musical scholar flip jumpin off of the page like jaime foxx the percussionist just leroy just saved your day
im a muder you in the web of threads
hold your head guillotine slice now you losin it
its alot of fakin of the breakin beats and 16's who you with
call your in house a&r and tell your sister you got smote
gods on the wuthangcorp do justice and murder he wrote
a whole rap to say i aint the heirarchy just a jughead and
sh*t stain on this rap thang p.s. J.l. Is hard as hell
Right outside.
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