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Originally Posted by snapple View Post
how is AZ on the list!?
"I'm praised for wicked word-play
Emerge from my Earth days
Was boxed in the Bird Cage
Now flock wit the Mermaids
A shorty wop, 'til I copped then I turned age
Saw it unfold, certain laws are untold
Unsolved Mysteries, coffins is closed
A Carnivore trickery, cautions your road
Any slip-ups will be huntin' your shows
So neva get it twisted nigga, keep an Iron Biscuit witcha
Beast promoted, the street's is coded
For the Naked eye times is too deep to notice
Yea I specialize in rhymes, but I peep the bogus
On every known level, I'ma stone cold Rebel
Clothes is crisp, I rolls Gold the Wrist
I was schooled how to tuck, hide and hold the fifth
How to crush, cut, divide and supply the sniff
So if the truth ain't need, then the truth can't be"

"Learnt the system, burned some izm
Tied all my jewels down like journalism
How I maneuve now it'll merge the wisdom
A pilgrim, prophesize putting words to rhythm
Relating, I'm adaplating it, manifestation, patient, meditating with the
manner who's waiting, pacing
like an m-8 that sealed his fate
let some years escape but I'm still in shape
I'm chilling deeply rooted
A beast with music, from bedstuy to the east I'm to at peace to lose it
But love it, I still does it
Breathing off a trump budget
Fresh out of bloomies with the Louie luggage"

"Jails is packed, the streetz is whacked,
its even worse when ya workers tappin ya beef for sack.
Wifeys gettin feisty, shes beefin back.
Though its a likely, it might be your VISA's maxed.
The coke is up, so now cushion dro's wassup.
And the vegans got that game in the cobra clutch.
The D's and the capris too close to duck,
but what da fuck, they could suck on some coconuts.
The stress is real, it drains all the sex appeal.
Nuttin left but jail death and four record deal.
Vibes is weak, ho's wanna slide and creep,
even feinds gotta thing for that hide and seek.
Stick Up Kidz (SUK), kidnapped, switch up cribs
Its still crazy how them cocksuckers hit up big.
Pac is gone, they say that Hip Hop is wrong.
You want more? Then log on to"

That is why.
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