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Default Re: My mind wont sleep

Originally Posted by SurreaL
My mind is in a rukus right now.... let me explain, or at least try....

I've been asking myself these question's for years..... what made the world..., what made these planet's and universes, what is beyond our galaxy?, is there multiple star systems?, is there a god?, what happens when you die?, is there a heaven or hell?, or is it a eternal sleep...., are you reborn?, is the big bang real?, is there other life like our's in a diffrent galaxy?, like how do we not know there are multiple planets just like our's?, if there's smarter and advaced species out there?, what made humens, why is life here, what is life?, why am I breathing and typing on a plastic keyboard, what are word's, when I speak I feel like im blabbering jibberish, what the fuck is jibberish?, somehow I make sense when I speak..... but I feel like im tuned out, im just living to die....., so many question's I have..... but I will never get the answer...... sorry for the wasted thread, just can't sleep, this shit is keeping me awake...., what are dream's?, .... fuck it I have to stop.
what fucks me up did all of outer space just start.............there must of been sum type of a supreme being.......and what was there b4 a galaxy....there had to be sumthing in start this whole universe...but what or who was it?????
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